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Authentic Malasadas in Wailuku, HI

At Coppa’s Maui Bakery in Wailuku, HI, we’re proud to boast the best selection of authentic sweets around in our homestyle bakery. We have a passion for baking that is evident in the excellent confections we create every day. Whether you’re looking for excellent Italian desserts or authentic malasadas, we have something that will please everyone. 

Portuguese Donuts in Wailuku, HI

Excellently Crafted Cheesecake

We create beautiful ube (purple yams), blueberry, strawberry, and New York-style cheesecakes using our own special techniques and crust. We’ve developed our own way of making cheesecake crust in our homestyle bakery that is different and unique. Our customers love it! Our cheesecakes balance the sweet and rich flavors present in any cheesecake to create an excellent experience. 


Authentic Malasadas

Coppa’s Maui Bakery is proud to make authentic malasadas. Malasadas are fried pastries covered in sugar and filled with fruit or custard. We offer blueberry, strawberry, ube, and Italian custard fillings for our malasadas. They are buttery, soft, and sweet. We hope you will come and try them! We know you’ll love them. 

Square Malasadas

Portuguese donuts

Butter Mochi

Filipino Desserts




Butter Mochi

In addition to our other authentic snacks and desserts, we have excellent butter mochi at our homestyle bakery. Different than traditional Japanese mochi, butter mochi is a traditional Hawaiian snack made from coconut milk and mochiko, a type of rice flour. We’re happy to offer ube, strawberry, and regular sweet butter mochi to all of our customers!

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